About Us

Fit & Flex is a brand new, revolutionary Wellness Studio created by Raquel Rodrigues and Izzy Boudra, highly qualified trainers with a vision to educate, motivate and inspire you to live healthily.

Our Studio emphasizes a comprehensive and holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing, with our multi-talented team providing bespoke Classes, Body Composition Analysis, Nutritional Consultations, Meal Plans, Personal Training, NLP, Mind Coaching and Kids Programs.

We want you to be passionate about exercising as much as we are. Understand how great it feels to keep your body moving.

The Studio features an exclusive heart rate monitoring system, by Polar, (please insert polar link here) which enables you to track your performance and calories burnt during each training session. Your heart and our screens don’t lie, so you can monitor whether you need to push yourself further or take a rest.

Here at Fit & Flex we believe that results come easier if you love what you do – and we are here to offer that to you.

Our Team

Our team is made of fitness professionals that ” walk the talk” and live and breathe healthy living. We have trainers specialized in various fitness areas such as rehabilitation, weight loss, pre & post natal fitness, figure competition and children’s fitness, not to mention nutrition, NLP and life coaching. Whatever tickles your belly we can probably help you with. Just pass by so we can meet you, that’s step 1 to your new, healthy and exciting lifestyle.